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SimTunes May 21, 2009

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KIDS – Music
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SimTunes (Maxis ? ages 8 & up) continues where Morton Subotnik?s Making Music( The Voyager Co.) left off. Making Music provided kids with a digital easel; whatever marks they left on it corresponded to musical notes, which could be played aloud. SimTunes is very similar, but with a twist ? musical bugs walk around the screen, making a sound each time they bump into something you?ve drawn. Use prearranged shapes to create certain audio effects, or draw whatever you like and let it sound like whatever. The challenge of creating a cohesive piece of music will be beyond all but the most sophisticated techno-music nerds; the program is not really intended to be used a composing tool. Instead, like Making Music, it?s meant to let kids with no musical training make something visible that can be translated into notes. Also like Making Music, unfortunately, SimTunes fails to provide much entertainment; it is simply not a lot of fun creating garbled pieces of noise. This is the digital equivalent of a child running his hand down the piano keyboard and calling it a song. For those who do want to compose real music (the program includes a lot of good, non-MIDI instrument sounds to encourage you) there are many other computer tools that make it easier. SimTunes is an admirable idea that has lost something in the translation to reality.

– January 1997



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