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Microsoft Wine Guide May 21, 2009

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Microsoft Wine Guide

Microsoft Wine Guide (Microsoft Corp.) offers many of the same features as Wines of the World, but with much more panache. The interface and design are excellent, from the sensible progression of topics to the well-integrated video clips. The disc is hosted by wine expert Oz Clarke (in fact, it seems to be based primarily on his books), who brings an infectious enthusiasm for the subject – he acts like he’s having a great time, and you’ll want to as well. The snob factor is a little higher here than in Wines of the World – Clarke seems to be a big believer in using esoteric “wine-speak” – but it isn’t too hard to decipher. Our major complaint is the unusually small database; with only 6,000 wines, you won’t find some of your favorites. You do have the built-in option to connect to a Microsoft chat-room on wine, although one of our reviewers visited and found he was the only person there. If you aspire someday to become an old, cork-sniffing geezer in a velvet jacket, this title will help get you there.

– November 1995


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