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Nature Collector: Freshwater Fish, The May 20, 2009

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The Nature Collector: Freshwater Fish

Something stinks in The Nature Collector: Freshwater Fish (AnimaTek International), and it isn’t the virtual fish. It’s the music – the most insipid, droning synthesizer you are ever likely to hear on a CD-ROM. Suffice it to say that any program that plays an endless 20 second loop of an Irish jig while you are supposed to be catching fish in Brazil is beyond our comprehension. Just have a big bottle of aspirin (or maybe a gun) handy to put you out of your misery. What this program aspires to be, and most definitely isn’t, is “SimFish.” You are supposed to zoom around the world, collecting fish for your public aquarium exhibits; design exhibits to attract visitors; and keep your fish healthy and happy. Theoretically, success means you are rewarded with high aquarium attendance and a good score. In reality you spend your time trying to turn the horrendous music off, navigating the clunky interface, and waiting for Windows95 to reinstall after Freshwater Fish erases some of your system files. An actual aquarium would be much less work.

– January 1996



One Response to “Nature Collector: Freshwater Fish, The”

  1. NatureCollectoristhebomb Says:

    Nature Collector Freshwater fish is the best game ever! Who cares about the music anyway…put it on mute and listen to your ipod!

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