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Gus Goes To Cyberstone Park May 19, 2009

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Gus Goes To Cyberstone Park

Gus Goes To Cyberstone Park (ages 3-8), fourth in this series from Modern Media Ventures, has you and your friendly guide Gus hunting for hidden CyberBuds in a park (surprise!). Explore five environments, filled with flora and fauna hotspots, to find the missing ‘buds. When you find one, you’ll hear an interesting science fact, information about the national park system, or a warning against nature’s no-nos (don’t eat random mushrooms, even though they look so cute and colorful on screen.) Scattered throughout the program are puzzles, mazes, spelling games, and campfire sing-alongs, as well as live-action video clips of Rangers Rick and Jackie (not the Ranger Rick – this one’s a man, not a raccoon) demonstrating camping safety tips (tie food up in a tree to thwart bears, etc.). Like other titles in the series, Cyberstone Park has a good mix of fun and facts.

– December 1996



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