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Much Ado About Shakespeare May 18, 2009

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Much Ado About Shakespeare

More injustice is heaped on the Bard in Much Ado About Shakespeare (Bureau of Electronic Publishing). There is nothing to be found here that can’t be better served by a paperback edition of the plays. The biography is almost non-existent; the glossary is difficult to use (it’s not hypertext linked to the text of the plays, but appears as a separate list); there are no critical texts; the graphics (each play has a couple) seem to have been culled from various illustrated children’s editions of the plays; and the narration is awful (all but a few are by the same grammar school stentorian male actor, George Kennedy – no women). The music is only tangentially related, consisting of a hodgepodge of snippets: two Mendelshohn, a Verdi and two Tchaikovsky. Text is presented without much flourish. There are no differing fonts for different elements (stage directions, text), and you can’t change the font size. This is a definite pass.

– February 1996



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