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Peter Rabbit’s Math Garden May 16, 2009

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Kid’s Education

Peter Rabbit’s Math Garden

So many early education CD-ROMs substitute bells, whistles, and primary colors for real substance that Peter Rabbit’s Math Garden (Mindscape – ages 3-7), with its understated look, sedate pace and low-key characters, comes as a breath of fresh air. Beatrix Potter’s familiar cast is all here; Mr. Jeremy Fisher hosts a match-and-sort fishing game (colors, sizes, and patterns), Mrs. Tiggywinkle teaches counting and ordering, Mr. McGregor challenges visitors to a number-matching memory game, and Mrs. Tittlemouse sweeps up in additions and subtractions. Then, of course, there’s Peter, who nibbles radishes and gives you seeds or bugs in return, so you can grow trees or flowers wherever you choose. The player collects the radishes at the end of each activity (“it’s radish time!”, proclaims the host, and the screen fills with falling radishes) to trade in the garden later. The music is nothing less than delightful, and every child who tried this disc was reluctant to stop. For a touch of class in your kids’ CD-ROM library, look no further than Peter Rabbit’s Math Garden.

– August 1996



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