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PC Globe Maps N’ Facts May 15, 2009

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PC Globe Maps N’ Facts

PC Globe Maps N’ Facts (Broderbund) is a low-gloss, unadorned but sprightly little CD-ROM that is highly informative and entirely straightforward. It’s also a no-brainer to navigate instantly. The world is “sorted” into political maps, physical maps, statistical maps, time zones, groupings – viz., the Arab League – and a variety of profiles: city profiles, topographical profiles, etc. The program brings up the requisite screen neatly and easily and offers a number of nice “extra” devices; for example, as you move the cursor over the face of a map, the bottom toolbar monitors the changing locations. There’s also a currency exchange that lets you set any country as the base country (this runs the risk of being out of date almost at once). And a feature index lets you survey the world from the point of view of a topographical selection – a very interesting vantage, indeed. You can also create a customized map. The information offered is ample; of necessity (this is true of any reference work) the information is subject to change with time. PC Globe Maps N’ Facts a good, utilitarian reference work, well suited to high school students, junior high, and even younger kids.

– March 1996


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