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Lost Treasures of the World May 15, 2009

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Adventure & Mystery

Lost Treasures of the World

Lost Treasures of the World, part of the Adventure Quest series from Follgard CD Visions Inc., is designed to do two things: fire your imagination, and then get you started. This Adventure CD-ROM is not a game – it’s for real. Over 5000 unaccounted-for treasures are examined, with a powerful search engine that lets you specify treasure type, geographical location, rumored amount, and more. You’ll be stunned by how much treasure is floating around out there; like the Mind of a Killer CD-ROM, this disc makes you realize that more is going on in your backyard than you might have guessed. If you live in upstate New York, for example, and own some scuba gear, then you’re all set. Lost Treasures will give you specific places to dive, and tell you what to look for. If you’d prefer to do a year of research and then mount an expedition to a mythical lost city in the jungles of South America, Lost Treasures will also give you a hand. It will not only help you choose your treasure and give you background info, but will also suggest a number of reference tools you can use to continue your research. For many of us, of course, the thrill will have to remain vicarious – that’s why the disc is packed full of other adventurers’ tales. Your guide is Stan Grist, a surprisingly soft-spoken man who will tell you all about his career as a private eye and his misadventures searching for various lost phenomena. The whole package is well-suited to CD-ROM, using the medium primarily as a huge database, but also dressing up the content with some audio and video. When life gets boring, check it out.

– February 1996


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