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Let’s Explore the Airport with Buzzy the Knowledge Bug May 15, 2009

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Aviation & Space

Let’s Explore the Airport with Buzzy the Knowledge Bug

Let’s Explore the Airport with Buzzy the Knowledge Bug (Humongous Entertainment – ages 3-8) is a kid’s program that lets you explore a cartoon airport and play all sorts of games along the way. Buzzy is an amiable guide, who offers help when you need it but otherwise stays out of your hair. The airport is a pretty big place, once you figure in all the hangars and control towers and terminals and landing strips and baggage areas; there’s a lot here to keep kids occupied, including a good helping of hotspots that react when clicked. You can also ask “What Is This?” at any time, and receive a simple one or two line explanation. While the exploration of the airport is not especially in-depth, it is very pleasant, and gives children a fine introduction to the concept of airline travel. If we had never seen a real airport, this bright, happy animated one would make us want to go. Stale recycled air, ridiculous prices, maddening traffic, and overbooked flights are not represented on the disc – but lost luggage is, as one of the five games. The others include a coloring book (which provides primary colors and requires children to mix shades themselves – an excellent creative touch), a trivia game, a matching game, and “Find It,” which sends you back to the airport in search of a lost object. On the hardest skill level, the games become challenging, but even on their easiest, they’re fun. Let’s Explore the Airport is a simple but pleasant learning device, perfect for the lower end of the recommended age spread.

– January 1996


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