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Whales…. May 13, 2009

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Science & Nature


A collaboration between Discis Knowledge Research, Inc. and The National Geographic Society has resulted in series of CD-ROMs for young kids (recommended for ages 4-9). There are eight titles, packaged in sets of two: Whales and Dinosaurs; A Tree Through the Seasons and Birds and How They Grow; Butterflies and What Air Can Do; and Spiders and Farm Animals. The idea is that the topics are complementary and that information gleaned from one bears on the other. This may be true but it is certainly not necessary that the titles be used in such a pre-arranged way. These are very simple discs with a clear purpose: to encourage reading. They are not really interactive, although clicking on a word, photo, or caption will produce the pronunciation. The story is read aloud; the child follows along. The stories are quite short, never more than a half-hour, but the material is factual and informative. The photos are fine, and some discs have music and animal noises. If you want something for a very young reader, these fill the bill. Kids any older than seven will find them dull.

– March 1995

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