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Dark Eye, The May 13, 2009

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Adventure & Mystery

The Dark Eye

The Dark Eye (iNSCAPE), based on works by Edgar Allen Poe and featuring the voice of William S. Burroughs and music by Thomas Dolby, strives to reproduce the experience of a novel. Unlike Bad Day on the Midway, also from iNSCAPE, this disc errs slightly on the side of subtlety. You can spend a long time wandering without anything in particular happening, and the story itself is so hallucinogenic (it seeks to combine a handful of Poe stories and images in one binding framework) that you can assemble a lot of fragments without even beginning to understand what’s going on. Having said that, let us clarify that The Dark Eye is an innovative and interesting product; it just doesn’t satisfy quite as much as Bad Day. The device of jumping from one character to another is included, but the character’s thoughts are not, and we found ourselves – so quickly spoiled – missing them immensely. The graphics are excellent and disturbing, and the contrivance of slipping between dream worlds as you explore is interesting, if disorienting. iNSCAPE seems to have a special focus towards the macabre, which is fine with us. It will be interesting, however, to see how some of these new ideas are applied to other genres – literary fiction, mysteries, westerns, romance, etc. – in the near future.

– February 1996


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