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Shivers May 12, 2009

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Adventure & Mystery


If there was no competition, Shivers (Sierra On-Line, Inc.)would be hugely popular. As it is, the game suffers by comparison to the plethora of intelligently written, beautifully-rendered adventure/mystery CD-ROMs. Wander through the deserted museum of an eccentric collector, solving logic puzzles, to reach the next stage of the game. The puzzles are challenging but (ultimately) manageable, and the graphics are impressive without being dazzling. If Myst and 7th Guest hadn’t happened, the experience would be unique; since they have, the game is neither better nor worse than a dozen others. We prefer programs that offer an overall puzzle, rather than a sequence of unrelated ones, so Shivers is not exactly our cup of tea. Still, it’s not bad way to spend a few hours. If you’ve conquered everything else, or received Shivers as a gift, there’s no reason not to sit down and give it your best shot.

– October 1996


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