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Learn to Speak Spanish: The Complete Interactive Course May 12, 2009

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Learn to Speak Spanish: The Complete Interactive Course

Assuming you still want to learn Spanish, you’re in luck. The latest version of Learn to Speak Spanish: The Complete Interactive Course (The Learning Co., HyperGlot Division) really is a complete course that makes good use of the advantages that multimedia can bring to foreign language instruction. Thirty chapters cover all the basics and then some. The chapters are set in a typical travel settings such as restaurants, hotels, taxis, banks, and gas stations. Text of the dialogue is shown next to video dramatizations. There are eight exercises for each chapter including click-and-listen vocabulary lists, fill-in-the-blank or matching quizzes, and questions and answer drills. Cleverly, there are multiple correct answers for each question, which makes you feel like you’ve actually learned something. Options to show or hide the English and Spanish text let you vary the difficulty of most exercises. But key to all the parts of the program is the speech recognition feature which allows you to record your own pronunciation and then compare it to the program’s native speakers. With so much content – every screen is packed – it’s a bit overwhelming, but the Help icon is always there to handle the overload. If you’re ready for a real language program, this is the one to get.

– February 1996


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