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Learn & Play Classic Rock Guitar May 10, 2009

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Learn & Play Classic Rock Guitar

Learn & Play Classic Rock Guitar (UbiSoft) teaches intermediate guitar techniques for eight songs: Hey Joe, No Woman No Cry, Life By The Drop, Sweet Home Alabama, Dust In The Wind, Blowin? In The Wind, Wild World, and Blackbird. The choice of songs, to anyone paying attention, indicates the disc?s intended target audience. People who want to polish their guitar skills with ’60s staples and ’70s arena anthems are probably approaching middle age, and therefore might have a PC and some extra money to shell out. The animations scattered throughout Classic Rock Guitar confirm this theory ? they depict a businessman-type who adopts different rock god personas for each song, during, we assume, the weekends. The songs are mostly overblown, which makes them well-suited to the basically superficial treatment they get here. Sweet Home Alabama will teach you a few variations on the chord progression, a few different riffs, and a few possible arrangements. Without the heartfelt southern-tinged vocal it would surely fall flat, so the vocal is played for all its worth: the singer offers pubescent rebellion and down-home simplicity by the ton. Ditto the pseudo-Jamaican crooning on No Woman No Cry and the earnestly drippy vocal on Blackbird. The truth is, it?s fun. The interface takes less advantage of multimedia than Play Blues Guitar with Keith Wyatt, an excellent intermediate-level tutor that will polish your solo electric guitar skills. It?s sufficient, however, to satisfy your most likely agenda ? pulling out an acoustic guitar after a picnic with some other aging friends and enjoying a drunken sing-along.


– January 1997



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