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Pantsylvania May 9, 2009

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Kid’s Education


Pantsylvania (Headbone Interactive – ages 4 -up) is another chance to spend some time with the Gigglebone Gang (remember Alphabonk Farm?). In addition to Velma the Swine, Monkie-Sue, Bunji the Frog, and Clyde the Parrot, you’ll meet Kingamajig, who sings songs. They’re pretty cute songs at that, from the anthem-like “We Make the Pants,” to the rollicking “We Send Our Pants All Over the World,” or “The Whirliest, Curliest Hair” (a nod to Kingamajig’s own tonsorial appearance). There are ten buildings to explore, with five associated activities. Besides the songs, you can Poke ‘n’ Prod with Bunji or Seek ‘n’ Find with Clyde. Velma supplies interesting facts in her charming, svelte swine way, and Monkie-Sue has a story for each location. Once again, the graphics are big and colorful, the voices are all pleasing, and the variety of content means there’s plenty to do. There’s also lots of funny stuff, like the take-off on Madame Butterfly (Buttonfly here) with a dash of Gilbert & Sullivan at “Synfunny Hall.”

– December 1995


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