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History Through Art: The Baroque May 9, 2009

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History Through Art: The Baroque

History Through Art: The Baroque, and History Through Art: The Twentieth Century, both from ZCI Publishing Inc., have identical features – the same easy install, the same interface, the same features throughout. What we have here are slide shows (a one-projector one at that) aimed at junior high and high school students. Intended to serve as an introduction to each subject, they come perilously close to putting the viewer to sleep. The pace is slow, the interaction limited during the overture, and the information often incomplete. If a title is too long for the label space, no attribution is given. Pronunciation of foreign words is not always correct, a serious mistake in an educational title. Quizzes included on each disc might be of some use to students and teachers. These are not bad CD-ROMs; they’re just not very good. They seem like a lazy tool for a teacher and a not very exciting one for students.

– March 1995



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