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Free Enterprise May 7, 2009

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Free Enterprise

The focus swings from world domination to economic domination in Free Enterprise (Tsunami), a business sim in the vein of Capitalism or Gazillionaire. Capitalismwas diabolically complex; Gazillionaire was simplified for kids; Free Enterprise, falling right in the middle, is the porridge that Goldilocks chose. As CEO you’ll control every aspect of your burgeoning business, including product selection, pricing, wages, and delegating responsibility. Your employees may goof off, or they may put their nose to the grindstone; your profit/loss charts may be cause for celebration, or may provide the impetus for downsizing; and, of course, your products may fly off the shelves, or they may not. A paucity of sound effects doesn’t ruin the game, though it would be nice to have a little more going on in the auditory department (the satisfying ch-ching of a sale provides an incomparable thrill). Challenging but still manageable enough for the average person, Free Enterprise offers a good, accessible simulation of the business world.

– December 1996



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