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Craftpax May 7, 2009

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Creativity Tools


Craftpax (Ocean – ages 6-10) is a digital activity book filled with over 40 craft projects ranging from making masks and mobiles and puppets to kaleidoscopes and 3D buildings, and more. The computer acts as an instruction manual; simply select a project, then have the computer guide you through it, step-by-step. On-screen, all the instructions are audible and easy to follow (the computer even does some finger-wagging, warning kids not to use scissors without an adult and not to get paint on the couch). You can also print out the directions along with any templates or diagrams required. The actual crafting occurs off-screen, at the kitchen table or garage or wherever, and utilizes standard materials such as paint, glue, and paper. Some adult supervision is required, and younger children will definitely need help if they opt for one of the more ambitious projects.

– October 1996



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