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Virtual Musician, The May 6, 2009

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Music – Contemporary

The Virtual Musician

The Virtual Musician, a Simon & Schuster book written by Brad Hall, comes packaged with a CD-ROM, so we?re including it in our music reviews. The book takes a good stab at providing exhaustive coverage of music on the Internet, although a subject like this (as the author repeatedly reminds us) is changing so quickly, and growing so large, that no single examination of it could really be exhaustive. Mr. Hall has written the book for technological incompetents; the first few chapters are devoted to getting your computer up and running, getting online, and configuring your browser. The rest of the book explores any and all things musical online; visit corporate sites, AOL and CompuServe sites, band sites, indie label sites, weird sites (Accordiana, all about accordions), personal homepages, TAB sites, and so on. Learn about MIDI, find some labels that might be willing to listen to an unsolicited demo tape, or send fan mail to your favorite rock star. The book itself is fine; the CD-ROM, a collection of mostly outdated shareware, disappoints. Rudimentary web page editors stand next to rudimentary web browsers; old MIDIplay programs stand next to programs that calculate online expenses. If you?re really so far behind technologically that these things could be use to you, you?re starting off on the wrong foot. Make an investment in current technology, and maybe your computer will be able to keep up with you while you surf all the sites recommended in the book.

– January 1997



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