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3 Balloons: Alphabet, Numbers and Shapes May 4, 2009

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Kid’s Education

3 Balloons: Alphabet, Numbers and Shapes

3 Balloons: Alphabet, Numbers and Shapes (SWeDE – ages 3-6) is an entertaining title with a unique look. Actually, the colorful graphics reminded some parents (favorably, and with nostalgia) of The Yellow Submarine. The interface is odd. It’s an asymmetrical object that looks something like an open make-up compact, and it sits smack in the middle of your screen, surrounded by black. That’s a lot of wasted space, but it is a distinctive look. This “compact” is divided in half. The right hand side is used at the start of an activity, while the left side is where all the action takes place. There are three activities, and three guides, Anthony A, Hobie-1, and Semi-Circle. Click on one to play a game. All the games are scavenger hunts; find letters, numbers, or shapes. It easy as can be. Click on the left or right to scroll through the “virtual” wonderland, looking for whatever object your guide asks you to find. Once you find it, click on it for a short animation and a song. The dialogue is in very clever verse, with excellent voices doing funny imitations of, for example, French people or Jimmy Stewart. With its zany graphics and witty dialogue, you’ll find this an refreshing disc.

– August 1995



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