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Snoopy’s Campfire Stories May 3, 2009

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Snoopy’s Campfire Stories

Familiar characters, when served up with genuine creativity and skill, can be a blessing to a CD-ROM – just look at Living Books’ continuing series of Dr. Seuss CD-ROMs. When they are presented on a mediocre CD-ROM, it hurts. Snoopy’s Campfire Stories (Virgin Sound and Vision – ages 4 – 8) unfortunately falls into this latter category. This is a disc of average quality, which offers five camp stories (concerning things like fishing, catching bugs, and having lunch) to be explored. Click on things as you move through the story and they animate in predictable ways. Play a few games. Reach the end of the story and you can read a letter that recaps things. Change the elements of the story, and watch the letter change accordingly. It’s simple, adequate, early-reading edutainment. The problem is, people tend to hold the Peanuts crew near and dear to their hearts – we certainly do – so it’s disappointing to see the disc not trying very hard. The music is excellent, but the animation is mediocre (the previous Peanuts disc, Get Ready For School, Charlie Brown, had superior animation and better content). Campfire Stories doesn’t play half as well as the Peanuts gang’s animated television escapades from the ’50s and ’60s.

-July 1996


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