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Play Guitar with Ross Bolton May 3, 2009

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Music – Music Tutors

Play Guitar with Ross Bolton

Play Guitar with Ross Bolton (Play Music) is the beginner?s installment in Play Music?s guitar-teaching trilogy (which includes Play Blues Guitar, intermediate, and Play Rock Guitar, leaning towards advanced). This program uses the same take on interactive guitar instruction as the other two CD-ROMs in the series. Watch a video of a song being played, watch a video of a teacher explaining how it?s done, then burrow into each separate part, using close-ups on fretwork and picking fingers to make small points clear. Play Music also uses an “animated fretboard,” which lets you see the notes being played on a virtual guitar neck ? an excellent device that makes good use of CD-ROM?s multimedia capabilities. If Play Guitar is the least of the three discs, it?s only because the techniques being taught are simple enough that a CD-ROM really isn?t necessary at all. Still, it doesn?t hurt to have some on-screen help as you learn basic chords, scales, and a few tunes. Click on any chord that?s giving you trouble to hear it, or consult the chord chart that comes on the disc. Mr. Bolton is just as goofy with his body language and facial expressions as Keith Wyatt, host of the other discs, but because Mr. Bolton is often only playing “E” repeatedly, the sight of his screwed-up face can become quite comical. In any event ? we can?t say that Play Guitar is a lot better than a book, because a book could communicate pretty much the same thing. We can, however, say that Play Guitar is the best introductory guitar CD-ROM we?ve seen, and the Play Music series taken altogether will turn you into a bona-fide rocker a lot quicker than a comparable series of books.

– January 1997



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