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Multimedia Cartoon Studio, The May 3, 2009

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Creativity Tools

The Multimedia Cartoon Studio

Are you a closet cartoonist or do you just like to flip through The New Yorker? Either way, The Multimedia Cartoon Studio (Byron Preiss Multimedia) will have something to please you. A drafting table provides different options, in the form of cards. You can browse through a cartoon bank, pick up tips from New Yorker cartoonist Bob Mankoff, watch animated video clips, create cards and stationary and screen savers, or make your own cartoons. Although the program offers all these options, the real focus is on enjoying and exporting cartoons from the huge database of The Cartoon Bank (the brainchild of Mankoff, and a repository for the works of many New Yorker cartoonists). Use them to spice up your correspondence or put some humor into a business presentation.

– June 1995


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