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America Rock May 2, 2009

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History & Mythology

America Rock

Remember School House Rock, those low-budget, jazzy animations that ran on Saturday mornings, those brief interludes of educational fanfare that played in the chinks of time between Hanna Barbera cartoons? Well, that old ABC educational gimmick is becoming trendy. All the hottest so-called alternative bands have done covers of House Rock songs, and now those relics of Saturday mornings-past have gone digital. Billed as an educational program for school children, America Rock (Creative Wonders – ages 6-12) will undoubtedly appeal to retro-thirsty Gen Xers as well. The program contains ten School House Rock videos in their entirety, and though Xers may be tempted to watch only the videos, America Rock is, first and foremost, an educational game devoted to teaching youngsters about our nation’s history. Help Bill become a law by playing and winning games. The main screen is a clickable panorama. Click to access the games, which are not only educational but actually fun to play. Learn about American geography, famous American inventors, and more. Each game you win brings Bill closer to becoming a law. Charming and fun, America Rock is an appealing CD-ROM that offers up American history in a memorable format.

– November 1996


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