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Dozers, Loaders, and Excavators April 29, 2009


Dozers, Loaders, and Excavators

Dozers, Loaders, and Excavators (Emerald – ages 3-12) sounds like it’s intended for the same audience as Kids on Site, but it won’t hold their attention for more than a minute. Half the program consists of slide shows of the three pieces of machinery. Besides this, there are video clips of, predictably, a bulldozer doing its thing on branches, mounds of earth, and condemned buildings. Or you can go to the Details section where, suddenly you’re inundated with complex schematics and a wealth of information, the bulk of which is over the head of any child (and most adults). Discussions of blade tilt and pounds-per-inch of force are among the easier terms used. To sum up: there’s little in the way of entertainment here for kids and any adult who’s into heavy equipment can get more and better information from a book.

– July 1995



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