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Around the World with Willy Wabbit April 29, 2009

Kid’s Education

Around the World with Willy Wabbit

Around the World with Willy Wabbit (SEC Multimedia – ages 8 & up) purports to teach geography through five simple games: the Music Game, the City Game, the Flag Game, the Boundaries Game, and the Landmark Game. All of these are exactly what you might guess: hear a snatch of music or look at a flag, then match it with the correct country. See landmarks with Willy Wabbit. Some you know, others are too obscure to matter. The graphics and interactivity are on a level that was all the rage ten years ago (the best animation is in the credits). As a way to learn geography, this program might be preferable to listening to certain teachers, but it’s a far cry from what you want from a CD-ROM.

– December 1995

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