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American Journey: The Hispanic American Experience April 29, 2009

History & Mythology

American Journey: The Hispanic American Experience

American Journey: The Hispanic American Experience (Primary Source Media) is a collection of pictures, text, and audio clips concerning the history of Hispanics from the 1500s to the present day. The disc is long on substance and short on style; you can be spend hours hopping from article to picture to related article without getting bored. This is because the writing is intelligent, comprehensive, and unbiased. The selection of photographs demonstrates similar acumen, and the linking is all very well-done. Unfortunately, this is still not reason enough for the this to be a CD-ROM. Text and photographs have been presented in standard print form for ages, so the only reasons American Journey should (theoretically) be digital are the links, the search function, and the audio, none of which are strong enough to justify the medium. We can recommend American Journey for its intelligence and exactitude, but not for its suitability to CD-ROM.

-June 1996


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