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Schoolhouse Rock! Grammar Rock April 28, 2009

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Kid’s Education

Schoolhouse Rock! Grammar Rock

Schoolhouse Rock! Grammar Rock (ages 6-10) has arrived from Creative Wonders, complete with “Conjunction Junction” and all the rest. The disc itself is a medium quality educational CD-ROM, with a few grammar games (sorting persons, places, and things, for example) that range from adequate to remarkably dull. The disc’s saving grace is the inclusion of the Schoolhouse Rock songs and videos. Introducing these songs to a new generation, in our opinion, might be reason enough for the disc to exist. What kid doesn’t love Schoolhouse Rock? Well ? one of our reviewers, a well-balanced 9-year-old, called the program “cheesy,” and threatened to blow away the guy who says “Knowledge is Power” over and over. She criticized the games, the cartoon host, and suitability for the recommended age. The one thing she let alone were the songs. Perhaps that’s the greatest argument for this content being presented on videotape, where it would play to its strengths, instead of on CD-ROM, where its varied weaknesses shine through all too clearly.

– August 1996


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