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On the Road with B.B. King April 28, 2009

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Music – Contemporary

On The Road With B.B. King

Tour a digital replica of America with one of the greatest bluesmen of all time in On The Road With B.B. King (M.C.A. Records, Inc.). The disc is subtitled “An Interactive Autobiography,” which is pretty much right on; Mr. King himself is on hand to reminisce, jam, and heap glory (by the ton) on Lucille, his beloved guitar. The stories he tells ? charming slices of life when taken individually ? can be assembled to create an evocative portrait of a man and a philosophy. B.B. as a child discovered that street corner audiences would tip for blues, but not for gospel; B.B. as a young man ran into a burning building to save his precious guitar; B.B. as an icon hooked up with U2 to create “When Love Comes to Town” (and if he thought twice about being booked as an opening act, he kept it to himself). Travel to digital environments on the tour bus Big Red, listening to stories along the way. There aren?t any complete songs on the disc, but there are plenty of substantive music clips that showcase Mr. King?s tremolo-style guitar playing. The CD-ROM, without B.B. King?s active participation, would be only partially satisfying; it?s nicely done and often interesting, but it?s not complete enough to be exhaustive or very educational. Mr. King is everywhere on the disc, though, and his appealing mannerisms add life to the long bus rides. His modesty is almost as remarkable as his music. He insists, as always, that his unique style is the result of “stupid hands” ? he can only play notes, and never mastered a guitar slide. He is also charmingly goofy, from time to time; he refers to Bono from U2 as “Bone-O” so many times that we started to think he was doing it on purpose. On The Road is a pleasant way to spend a few hours, thanks to an affable and talented tour guide.

– January 1997



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