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How to Create Multimedia April 28, 2009

Creativity Tools

How to Create Multimedia

How to Create Multimedia (Jasmine Multimedia) purports to teach the basics, but don’t count on it. The How To section of this CD-ROM would insult anyone’s intelligence, with tips like “determine how interactive your presentation will be.” Duh! You’ll find a plethora of bromides such as “Use media clips that are royalty free”, paired with a brief video clip of the sky, er, no, it’s the ocean – who knows? This CD-ROM contains a personal edition of the application Compel (if you want the full distribution capabilities of Compel 1.0, it’s a $69 upgrade), which bears a passing resemblance to Microsoft PowerPoint. The most substantial information about multimedia is in the tutorial for Compel. But such product-specific technical information won’t satisfy you if you’re looking for a broad introduction to multimedia, any more than running Microsoft’s Word tutorial would if you were looking for a program on “How to Create Publications.” In this disc, “How To” is not actually part of the experience.

– April 1995

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