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Troggle Trouble Math April 27, 2009

Kid’s Education

Troggle Trouble Math

In Troggle Trouble Math (MECC – ages 6-12), you play the role of Sparky, a dog, who wanders through different environments, beginning with a park. On the right of the screen are a calculator and a “troggle” button. When “troggles” (a bunch of evil monsters) swarm at Sparky, you have a fraction of a second to either hit the troggle button or the space bar. Then you must count the attacking troggles and express the amount through a mathematical equation using whatever function the program provides. This can be confusing and frantic, because things happen so quickly. Calmer sections like the puzzle chamber get lost in the rush of this arcade-style game. You can adjust the level of difficulty, but young kids seemed overwhelmed no matter what.

– August 1995


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