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Spider-Man Cartoon Maker April 27, 2009

Creativity Tools

Spider-Man Cartoon Maker

Spider-Man Cartoon Maker (Knowledge Adventure, ages 6 & up) is very similar to Magic Theater – no surprise, as it comes from the same publisher. Again, it’s easy to use, so you can start right out and get something done, or take a little longer to figure out the possibilities and create something even better. This program encourages you to make narrative, cogent stories by supplying casts of characters from Spider-Man comics and cartoons. Some of the shortcomings of the technology are more obvious here than in Magic Theater because of their emphasis on a coherent story line. For example, you can’t always remove all of a moving animation from the screen, so you may end up with a piece of something you don’t want – like a foot – stuck in a corner of the frame. Never mind, this is a terrific application of interactive technology, allowing kids (or wannabe kids) to create works that have previously been the domain of Hollywood studios.

– June 1995


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