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Warplanes: Modern Fighting Aircraft April 26, 2009

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Aviation & Space

Warplanes: Modern Fighting Aircraft

Warplanes: Modern Fighting Aircraft (Maris Multimedia) will tell you just about all you ever wanted to know about these fighting machines (in some cases, it will be considerably more than you wanted to know). You can get the specs on 500+ planes and their weaponry, through two separate databases. Search by class, name, country, manufacturer, or operator. There are also five “war scenarios,” including the Cold War, Arab-Israeli battles, and the Persian Gulf conflict. Throw in a hefty amount of video of the planes under discussion, plus three flight simulators, and warplane addicts should be in multimedia heaven. Aviation buffs who don’t want a slant towards military aviation may want to check out Air And Space Smithsonian: Dreams of Flight, a good general reference work on the subject.

– January 1996


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