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I.M. Meen April 26, 2009

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I.M. Meen

I.M. Meen (Simon & Schuster Interactive – ages 9 & up) takes you back to DOS. Start with a snazzy 3D maze, a classic video game device with added spit and polish. This game is skillfully designed, with excellent music, strong graphics, fluid movement, and a sense of humor. Think Doom; the developers sure did. But this Doom has an educational twist – grammar puzzles have been inserted and buckets of gratuitous blood have been deleted. This is admirable in concept but self-defeating in execution, because most of what you do is fight and explore, only occasionally bumping into a snippet of educational content. The puzzles are quite good, but they are few and far between, leaving you with an action-to-grammar ratio of perhaps 20-1. If you’re into learning grammar while you kill, I.M. Meen could be fun. On the other hand, if you just want to play a gory game, Doom is the classic.

– July 1995



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