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Microsoft Complete Gardening April 25, 2009

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Microsoft Complete Gardening

Microsoft Complete Gardening (Microsoft Home) has just about everything you’ll need to get started this spring, plus a solid helping of significant extras. Regional Gardening Tours showcases prize gardens in different sections of the country. The Media Garden offers a quick route to major areas of the disc like Roses, Trees and Shrubs, Perennial Beds, etc. The “Technique and Advice” section supplements the text with stills, videos and animations as well as tips from horticulturists on staff at The New York Botanical Gardens, The Hersey Gardens, and The Minnesota Landscape Arboretum, to name a few. “Plant Problems” runs the gamut from aphids to zinc deficiency and everything in between. The comprehensive Plant Encyclopedia is divided into Plant Selector and Photo Browser. Every section on the disc has layers and layers of information, broken down into easily accessible sub-sections. Thanks to a super-efficient interface, you can jump around quickly and smoothly. Microsoft has thoughtfully included an area for bookmarks, shopping and plant lists, reminders, and a garden journal. Finally, a CD-ROM that actually lives up to its name.

– June 1996, How-To Guides



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