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Yoko Ono: Mixes Rising April 21, 2009


Yoko Ono: Mixes Rising

Yoko Ono’s new enhanced CD, Yoko Ono: Mixes Rising (Capitol), features a “song” – if one is feeling generous – by Yoko herself, and six remixes by cutting edge talent not always associated with remixes, including Adam Yauch (MCA from the Beastie Boys), Thurston Moore (from Sonic Youth), and the ever-brilliant Ween. The music may not appeal to everybody, but some of the cuts, particularly Ween’s Ask the Dragon, bypass the vocal histrionics that make Yoko so insufferable on her own, and even manage to inject some funk into the mix. Multimedia is more substantial than on most enhanced CDs, although it still feels, in the final analysis, like an unnecessary addition. Watch a video of Yoko cavorting with a band half her age (including her son) or browse through some stream-of-consciousness poetry from as far back as the early ’60s. Visit a virtual gallery of her art work, or take a true-or-false quiz where there are no right answers (true or false: cockroaches are moving flowers). Yoko is best when not singing, so it’s nice that her poetry and visual art get a forum on this disc.

-May 1996


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