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You Don’t Know Jack! (Add-Ons) April 20, 2009

Popular Culture

You Don’t Know Jack! (Add-Ons)

We reviewed You Don’t Know Jack! (Berkeley Systems) in indelibleNews! Vol.1, No. 12. Now Berkeley has released some add-ons. The 400 Question Pack is on the shelves, the Sports Question Pack is coming soon, and You Don’t Know Jack X-Tra Large, which combines the original program with the 400 Question Pack, is available for the serious Jack buff. Confused? Don’t be; Jack is a simple trivia game, with a smarmy, pop culture slant, that is immensely funny and entertaining. Questions range from oddly creative (choose the word that can’t be spelled by turning a calculator upside-down) to determinedly lewd (what would Barbie’s measurements be if she were a real person?). Extra features include the Screw button (force your opponent to answer a tough question), gibberish questions (figure out a clue by using rhymes – for instance, “Hey! Lenny Craved His Ma Debby Burned” should lead you to “A Penny Saved Is a Penny Earned”), and a relentless, sarcastic, know-it-all voice-over. If you feel compelled to use your computer for game show-type programs, you can’t do better than You Don’t Know Jack!

– November 1996


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