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Great Restaurants, Wineries & Breweries April 19, 2009

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Great Restaurants, Wineries & Breweries

Planning a gourmet/gourmand jaunt? Great Restaurants, Wineries & Breweries (Deep River Publishing) offers lots of choices of where to ho. The restaurants included are primarily high-end and there are no reviews or ratings. Rather, you can look at the menu, find out the price range and whether you can drink and smoke, and where to call for reservations. There are photos of the establishments, but no videos, which is particularly disappointing in the winery section. A video walk-through of Domain Chandon, Heitz Cellars – your choice – would add a lot to this program. The map and search features are not as accurate as they should be. For instance clicking on “Amagansett” under New York State brings up a map with the Boston area highlighted. Check out restaurants in New Haven and you get a list of choices in the surrounding area, but none in New Haven. This disc is fun to browse, but it’s more of a brochure than a guide, so you’ll need a Zagat or Fodors to supplement it.

– May 1995


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