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Reviews About Old Software on CD-ROM from the 1990’s

Exotic Garden, The April 18, 2009


The Exotic Garden

The Exotic Garden (VT Productions, Inc./Cambrix) is an economical program. The four sections consist of a short video Introduction, Why Plants Grow, another narrated film with time-lapse photography on pollination, etc., the Exotic Garden section, with bits of information on how to grow your plants and keep them healthy, and an A-Z Guide. The Guide allows you to view pictures in two sizes, a nice touch, and it has quite a bit of good information on exotic and hybrid plants. The problem with this disc is that there could and should be so much more. It cries out for supplemental text and more photos. There is information on the native habitats of just ten plants – what about the rest? Information on who discovered what and who subsequently brought what where would be fascinating. Beef up the content and this would be an excellent reference for anyone interested in this subject.

– May 1995


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