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Claris Home Page April 18, 2009

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Claris Home Page

Claris Home Page (Claris Corp.) is similar to Microsoft?s Front Page; it?s a web design tool that works like a word processor. Legions of common folk who have some experience with Word can now easily design their own web pages, just by dragging, dropping, and linking. The idea is sound, but Microsoft has executed it with slightly more panache than the competition. Home Page lacks the excellent organization of Front Page, as well as some important options. Home Page lets you embed Java applets and Javascripts, for example, but not ActiveX. It does have some nice features ? it estimates the download time for your web page, something that Front Page neglects to do, and also makes it easy to create frames and charts ? but, in our final analysis, Microsoft comes out ahead.

-January 1997



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