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Where In The USA is Carmen Sandiego’ April 17, 2009

1995 iN!-Ovation Award

Where In The USA is Carmen Sandiego?

Where In The USA is Carmen Sandiego? (Broderbund, ages 8 & up), like all the Carmen Sandiego titles, could not be simpler to play ? that plus great design, fast pacing, and good educational content are responsible for the tremendous success of the series. Follow a villain from one U.S. town to another, picking up information for your dossier (so you can get a warrant) and learning things about the places you visit on the way. Each city is described in a thumbnail sketch that manages to convey that locale?s flavor without ever threatening to become overtly educational. Snappy music and cute graphics keep things lively, but it?s really the speed at which the game moves that ensures continuing interest from children. Once the chase starts, it rolls forward at breakneck speed until the villain has been captured or the villain has escaped. Either way, you and you child win ? there?s no way to avoid having fun and learning a good bit.

– February 1995

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