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VOTE America April 16, 2009

Popular Culture

VOTE America

Feeling a little confused as elections roll around? Having trouble choosing between the hick philanderer, the self-serving billionaire du jour, and the reactionary relic? VOTE America (Virtual Entertainment) has everything you’ll need to clear your head and get your feet on the ground again – if you can stay awake long enough to digest it. The program offers information about campaigns in general, 1996 candidates in specific, polls, pundits, primaries, etc. Test your political IQ, browse a timeline, or see where candidates stand on particular issues without the obfuscation of spin doctors. VOTE America is far-reaching and educational; what it’s not is entertaining. Lots of text, some photos, and a couple of video clips all have the tone of a bored high school teacher. This tone, with which we’re all sadly familiar, can take the oomph out of juicy subjects like literature and history; apply it to a subject like politics, which tends towards aridity, and you’ve got a real snoozer on your hands. Every nice feature – like a link to America On-Line – is balanced by something torturously dull, like an “Animated Model of a Campaign” that makes Mr. Ed look like something from Industrial Light and Magic. The country would probably be better off if everybody was forced to spend some time with this CD-ROM, but we’re not shoving to get to the front of the line.

– April 1996


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