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NewBeat Trancemission April 16, 2009

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NewBeat Trancemission

NewBeat Trancemission (Microforum) lets you program catchy techno beats, add samples, drop elements in and out, and get even fancier ? change pitch, swap channels, auto-compress, and much more ? but the disc, somehow, remains incredibly easy to use. Stick Trancemission into your CD-ROM and in a matter of moments you?ll be looking at your main interface, a number pad (which goes up to 20) and a few play/record buttons. Each number on the pad will correspond to a sound sample ? you can load the ones that come with the disc, or record your own. Then it?s just a matter of pressing buttons (if you use the right-click on your mouse, each new sample waits for the top of a measure to fire). Start the hi-hat, drop in a bass line, hit a vocal sample, and you?re off. The basic building blocks ? that is, all the sounds provided by the disc ? are unfortunately techno (every single beat is accented, a fashion that makes lovers of soul cringe and Eurotrash start dancing), but the disc is versatile enough that you can eventually wring some non-techno songs from it. Use the Sound Warp to record your own sounds, or the Fuse Box to program your own beats. More ambitious programmers will take advantage of the four available tracks, the cut/paste/mix function, and the various effect loops. You also have the option of using the keyboard instead of the mouse, and of saving your creations to Windows as system sounds. NewBeat Trancemission manages to provide a lot of power without ever compromising its basic simplicity.

– January 1997



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