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Mission Critical April 16, 2009

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Adventure & Mystery

Mission Critical

The main selling point of Mission Critical (Legend Entertainment) is the participation of Michael Dorn, who played Worf on Star Trek: The Next Generation, and seems to have undertaken this project before he was picked up by Star Trek: Deep Space Nine. The CD-ROM might as well be called Star Trek: Mission Critical, because it imitates Trek on every level, from the superficial look of the ship to the underlying themes about military honor. In case you didn’t catch the parallels, of course, you’ve also got Worf (out of Klingon make-up) yelling orders from the Captain’s chair. Mr. Dorn’s appearance is limited to a long movie at the beginning of the adventure. The movie sets the stage: everyone but you has been killed. Eventually, your job will be to go back in time and make things right. For starters, and for a really long time after starters, you’re distracted by less romantic adventures, like patching the hull, repairing the warp core, and fine-tuning tons of equipment. Nifty graphics can’t save an adventure game that is really an adventure in technical minutiae. Mission Critical is low on inspiration, and a little too long on just about everything else.

– February 1996


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