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Index Games Kids April 16, 2009

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January 1997(Vol 3, No 1)

3-D Ultra Pinball Bridge Deluxe 2 with Omar Sharif Casino Deluxe 2 Full Tilt Hoyle Classic Games Hoyle Solitaire Pro Pinball

December 1996 (Vol 2, No 12)

Ace Ventura: The CD-ROM Adventures of Pinocchio, The Castle Infinity Freddie Fish 2: The Case Of the Haunted Schoolhouse Goosebumps: Escape From Horrorland Gus Goes to Cyberstone Park Hunchback Of Notre Dame, The: Topsy Turvy Games Jumanji Kidsongs: Musical Mystery Madeline: European Adventures Mooky Takes Manhattan My Make Believe Castle Pajama Sam In “No Need To Hide When It’s Dark Outside” Pink Panther’s Passport To Peril, The Real Adventures Of Johnny Quest, The: Cover-Up At Roswell Road Construction Ahead Top Secret Decoder Toy Story Activity Center Toy Story CD-ROM Game Wishbone And the Amazing Odysses

 July 1996 (Vol 2, No 7)

Chess Kids Dinotopia Dracula’s Secret Earthworm Jim Elroy Goes Bugzerk Izzy’s AdventureLion King Activity Center, The Mr. Potato Head Saves Veggie Valley Mr. Wonder’s Greatest Toyshop on Earth Playskool Puzzles Puzzlemania Highlights Rayman Strategy Games of the World Timon & Pumbaa’s Jungle Games Ungaria

December 1995 (Vol 1, No 12) 

Africa Trail Big Job Dell Magazine’s Diabolical Digits Endorfun Haunted House Incredible Machine 3.0, The Louis Cat Orze: The Mysatery Of the Queen’s Necklace Mission Code: Millenium  

July 1995 (Vol 1, No 7)

A Silly Noisy House
Adventures of Hyperman, The Alien Tales Are You Afraid of the Dark? The Tale of Orpheo’s Curse Circus! Dozers, Loaders, and ExcavatorsFun Around the House Gahan Wilson’s Ultimate Haunted House Gus Goes To the Kooky CarnivalHanna-Barbera Cartoon CarnivalH.U.R.L.I.M. MeenKids on SiteKid’s Vid Grid Lenny’s Circus Lost & FoundLost Mind of Dr. BrainMixed Up Mother GooseMorgan’s Trivia GamePagemaster, The P.A.W.S.Rodney’s Wonder WindowSpace KidsTriazzle

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