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Baby-sitter’s Club Friendship Kit, The April 16, 2009

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The Baby-sitter’s Club Friendship Kit

The Baby-sitter’s Club is not quite in the same league as Barbie, but it has a respectable following among young girls, so it was only a matter of time before it spawned a CD-ROM. Ergo, The Baby-sitter’s Club Friendship Kit (Philips Media – ages 8 & up). The program opens with little portraits of the girls in this imaginary club. Each tells you a bit about themselves when you click on them. From the main menu, Claudia’s Room, you can access the different sections and activities. These include a Journal, a Friends Finder (an address book), a Calendar, a Personal Profile form, and the Stationary Kit which allows you to make tickets, business cards, coupons, letters, and posters. Good graphics and plenty of choices made this the hit of the program. There are also two games, a Puzzle Machine and a map game, both of which are too easy to be much fun. Our young reviewers liked the stationary part so much that they gave Friendship Kit thumbs up.

– December 1996


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