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Smart Moves March 26, 2009

How-To Guides

Smart Moves

Once you’ve done everything you can to your house, and it’s still not home sweet home, you might as well move and Smart Moves (PHH Technology) may be of help. You’ll need to use “Genie”, their help feature, to understand this program; there’s a lot of material and accessing it is not always easy or obvious. A Windows interface, with many icons, allows you search for information on more than 10,000 communities in 310 metropolitan areas of the U.S.. Smart Moves has data on schools, crime, housing and rental markets, demographics of the community, and more (information is not available for every area in every category). You can set search parameters to cover preferences like urban vs. rural, and so on. PHH Real Estate Network, a nationwide relocator, provides the real estate data; it’s safe to say that this disc is an outgrowth of that company. If you’re the kind of person who likes to research your subject thoroughly, you’ll find this CD-ROM quite useful.

– April 1995



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