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Pandora’s Box March 26, 2009

History & Mythology

Pandora’s Box

Pandora’s Box (Corel CD Home – ages 6-12), which is intended to teach children about Greek mythology, is actually just another entry into the ever-growing pile of unimaginative CD-ROM storybooks. Weighing in at a flyweight 10 pages, Pandora’s Box breaks no new ground. The only facets of this disc worth mentioning are the artwork, which is a little better than average, and some of the hotspot animations, which are occasionally entertaining?but not often enough. The requisite coloring section is here, with a nice animation feature, but it includes only five pages to color — enough to keep a kid occupied for 20 minutes. Did we mention that on this disc Zeus looks like Charlton Heston, all the cherubs look like “Precious Moments,” and Pandora looks like a Vegas show girl? Greek mythology sure is strange.

– June 1996



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