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China! The Grand Tour Including Tibet March 26, 2009

World Culture

China! The Grand Tour Including Tibet

China! The Grand Tour Including Tibet (Software implementation/Hopkins Technology Ltd.) – what a mess! And what a shame, because the worst thing about this title is the text which, with the help of a good editor and proofreader, would be fine. As it stands now, some sections are almost incomprehensible and others are truly hilarious. For instance, an entry under Nantong Port reads “Treading clams is a newly organized specialty item for tourists. You tread on the sand, you pick the clams, as if in a disco dance. You bring the clams back with you and cook them for yourselves. What a pleasure!” Laugh if you will, but of the three titles on China, this one has the most to offer so it’s irritating that it’s presented in such a mangled way. There’s no narration (which is probably a blessing), pictures of medium quality, and nice music which you have to click on each time you change sections. The hypertext is very limited – in fact, the word “Dynasty” was one of the very few words we found and it brought up the same screen in every context. The list of complaints goes on and on. Suffice to say that China! The Grand Tour needs some serious fixing.

– June 1995


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