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Lion King Activity Center, The March 25, 2009


The Lion King Activity Center

Inserting The Lion King Activity Center (Disney Interactive – ages 5 & up) into your CD-ROM drive may give you the same odd feeling of dislocation that we experienced: isn’t this movie over two years old, and don’t we deserve a break from the saturation marketing? Get used to it. The cold hard fact is that even The Lion King’s supporting players – Rafiki, Zazu, Timon, Pumbaa, etc. – stick in kids’ imaginations more than anybody from Pocahontas, and so the latter has (to date) resulted in only a single CD-ROM, while the former might well continue to spawn discs into the next century. It could be worse. The Activity Center is, naturally, slick, and runs better than most discs made by companies that don’t own half the free world. The games are simple but fun, and the recognizable character-hosts make a point to compliment winners profusely, and share the blame with losers. Jungle-motif variations on Hangman, Simon, Othello, and other slightly educational games can be played at one of three different skill levels. Changing the skill level often changes the game altogether, which is why you can toggle levels easily, using an always-available icon. There are also creativity tools (a multi-functioning easel), maze games, and clips from the movie. These last annoyed our adult reviewers, but delighted the five year-olds.

– July 1996

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